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Types of Vehicles:
There are several different methods by which you can arrive at your formal. Hiring a limousine is an elegant and extravagant way to arrive in style and comfort. There are three basic types of limousines;
The sedan limousine is a luxury standard car (HSV Statesman, BMW, Mercedes or LTD), seating 2-4 passengers ;
the stretch limousine offers seating for 5-7 passengers with T.V, video and ice available;
and the super stretch limousine seats 9-11 passengers with similar options to the stretch limousine.

Organising pick up and set down:

Ensure everyone in your group knows the arrangements for your formal transfer.
The pick up time.
The pick up address/s.
Get there early.
Have your cameras ready - batteries and film.
Make sure you have your tickets/passes.

Ensure everyone in your group knows the return arrangements:

The time you are leaving.
The type of vehicle you are taking.
The company name of the Limousine company and the name the transfer is booked

Costs vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose, the distance you are travelling, the type of transfer you require and the company you book with. Remember the cheapest price is not always the best price - see “ Make sure you get what you are paying for!”

Generally, the cost of a formal transfer is slightly higher than a normal transfer this is because of the time and effort a formal transfer involves. There is always waiting time at both ends of a formal transfer, often this is not the cause of the students but the fact that so many vehicles are arriving at the same place at the same time; things are often left behind in the limousines and this takes time and money to return them; students are often late to the pickup point and the limousine has to wait for just one passenger; the chauffeur often needs to make phone calls to locate addresses or students who are missing from the itinerary; and of course, extra care is required by the chauffeur when dealing with such delicate and expensive gowns and suits.

Types of transfers:
A standard one-way formal transfer includes transportation from one pick up address to your formal destination and a short period of waiting time to take some photos at each end. Any extra pick up stops will usually be charged as extra, as will extended periods of waiting time (more than 10-15 minutes).

The return transfer offers two-way transportation both to and from your formal in the same type of vehicle - this is usually cheaper than booking two separate transfers.
The one-way transfer with group booking return - not all companies can offer this type of transfer - is an easy and sure way to arrive at your formal on time and then get to your after formal gathering cheaply and safely. It involves a one-way transfer booking of a limousine for you and your close friends and then a return booking for a 6-21 seater bus from your formal to the after formal party destination.
All stops transfers require the limousine to collect each passenger at their own address and then proceed to the formal. These transfers are the premium of style and convenience.

Getting what you Paid for:
All limousines are not the same. The only way you will know what you are getting is to see the vehicle and take down the Limousine licence plate number.

It is important that you have confirmation of your booking, preferably in writing with any details that you have specified.

How to arrange payment:
Most companies will require payment as soon as possible after the booking is made. Some companies will require Credit Card security over a booking in case it is cancelled at the last minute. This is especially relevant to bookings made late. Organise one person to collect the monies for the transfers. You can pay in cash at the Limousine company office, money order from the post office, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS at some offices.

How to Book a Limousine:
1. Start early - Limousines for formals get booked out very quickly.
2. Decide how many of you are travelling together.
3. Choose one person to be the spokesperson - this prevents double bookings which only costs you extra money and disadvantages your fellow classmates.
4. Decide where you will be picked up from.
5. Decide what time you want to travel - be flexible, if you can travel other than the time everyone else will be arriving at the formal you have a better chance of getting the vehicle you want.
6. Ring around and get quotes.
7. Sight the vehicle/s and collect a confirmation of the quote (either a booking number or a written quote).
7. Decide on the vehicle and company you wish to travel with.
8. Decide how you are going to pay for the transfer/s.
9. Gather all monies that you will need to pay.
10. Book the vehicle and make payment by either cheque or credit card.

Payment is usually always required at the time of or soon after the booking is made.

Legal obligations:
By law you are not allowed to:
Smoke in a limousine.
Drink alcohol in a limousine if you are under the age of 18 years.

By law you are entitled to:
Get the service and vehicle you have paid for.
Travel in a vehicle that is appropriately licenced and accredited by the Department of Transport and that has the appropriately licenced driver (if you are unsure ask to see the Driver’s Authorisation Card and the Operator Accreditation Papers which should be in the vehicle).

It is fun to travel in friends vehicles and in unusual vehicles but before you pay for such a service it is advisable, for your own safety, to check the operator is appropriately licenced and insured to operate a chauffeured hire car service.

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